Small Computer

My interest in technology started at a young age. When I was eight I would ask my parents for a small computer. I think my dad influenced me with his passion for technique. He always brought these bank scanners home from work which I would play with (he worked in IT security at a bank). Besides, I loved the kid’s tv show ‘Totally Spies!’. I even used to make my own spy gadgets based on that show.

Brave New World

Do you also remember the old big Windows computers which used to make that recognizable sound when turning it on? How the times have changed. Now the computers are way smaller. We always carry small computers with us. And we can look up anything by simply searching the web. Exciting times but also more things to be aware of like biased data and privacy. 

A Brave New World in which I learned more about things like how to manage and design websites, how the Google algorithm works, and how to improve Conversational AI. From website migrations and content optimizations to writing and doing data analysis.

What I Do

Currently, I work as a Conversation Designer and AI Trainer at T-Mobile/ Tele2. In this role I:

  • Write and improve chatbot dialogues to make sure customers find the correct answers to their questions.
  • Train AI models by improving and matching training data to intents so the (T-Mobile) AI can better ‘understand’ what is asked.
  • Analyze chatbot data and AI performance to know what intents to improve or add.

Nerding out

Learning new things about music, language, and AI gives me energy. I love playing the violin, I’ve been dancing ever since I learned to walk, and I studied Linguistics and Journalism. During my work, I learn a lot about Conversational AI. Also, I read a lot about these subjects

On this website, you can also find my blog. I will share interesting posts about music, language, and AI. I have a background in Journalism, but I never found a topic to be really passionate about. Until now. Curious? Then read my blog!

Get to Know Me

Fun Facts

  • I dance technical jazz, modern and jazz urban.
  • I started playing the violin 3.5 years ago.
  • When I was little I used to write poems.
  • Sometimes I design (creative) websites.



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