Small Computer

My interest in technology started at a young age. When I was eight I asked my parents for a small computer. I think my father influenced me with his passion for computers and technology. He used to bring bank scanners home from work which I then played with (he worked in IT security at a bank). I also loved the children’s program ‘Totally Spies!’. I even made my own spy gadgets.

Brave New World

Do you also remember big computers, floppy disks and mp3 players? How times have changed. Nowadays we always have a small computer in our pocket with which we can listen to an infinite amount of music and look up information at any time of the day. Great developments, but also more things to take into account, such as biased data and privacy violation / protection.

A Brave New World in which I learned more about websites, search engine optimization and Conversational AI. From migrating websites and optimizing content to writing conversational dialogues and improving chatbot language models.

What I Do

Currently, I work as a Conversational AI NLU Specialist for the chatbots of T-Mobile and Tele2. In this role:

  • I improve the recognition of customer questions and improve the quality of the language models.
  • I identify trends and gaps in the chatbot data to improve classification and content.
  • I support Conversation Designers with language model related matters.
  • Based on my expertise, I contribute to the proposition, strategy and development of the chatbots.

Nerding Out

Learning new things about music, language and AI gives me a lot of energy. I like to play the violin, I have been dancing all my life and I studied Linguistics and Journalism. During my work I learn a lot about Conversational AI. Also, I like to read about music, language and/or AI.

I keep a blog on this website. In this I will share interesting findings about music, language and AI. I have a background in Journalism, but I never really found a topic I wanted to write passionately about. Until now. Curious? Then read my blog!

Get To Know Me

Fun Facts

  • I’ve been dancing all my life.
  • I’ve been playing the violin for a few years now.
  • When I was little, I regularly wrote poems.
  • Sometimes I design websites (including this one).



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