Veerle van der Gracht

Music, language and AI are three topics that interest me a lot. I play the violin, I have a background in Linguistics and I improve natural language understanding in Conversational AI. In this blog I write about things that have something to do with these subjects


People have been making music for centuries. From classic and rock to indie and pop. What makes music good? And does this require creativity?


We use language to communicate with each other. Context is needed to understand each other properly. Is this something AI can learn?



Artificial intelligence is all around us. But we are not always aware of it. How does AI affect our lives? And is this a good or bad influence?

Ever since I was little, I am excited about technology. It is bizarre to see how fast it develops. For example, who would have ever thought that we would pay with our phones?

I also have a passion for music, dance and language. Being creative is a big part of my life, even in my work in Conversational AI. 

Did you ever wonder how Spotify knows what music you like or why you always have to check the reCAPTCHA checkbox before filling in a form? You can read more about this in the articles below.